How many “digital” inboxes do you need?

There was a point in time where your physical inbox was all you needed. Now we have everything out in the cloud. The cloud offers unlimited possibilities and more inboxes than you could want or need.


man holding smartphone with one new message on a screen



I want to minimize the number of inboxes in my system. This will allow me to stay focused, let me capture ideas and process the “stuff” efficiently.

Do you need a physical inbox?

The world is digital and why would need a physical inbox. Most of the time I just open my task manager app and enter my task right into my system. I even take a photo of my handwritten notes which are stored in my digital filing cabinet. My answer to the question is……..

physical inbox

Yes, you still need a physical inbox. 

The Brain Dump!

Sometimes you just need to get “stuff” it out of your brain.  As ideas fill in your brain it can sap your productivity and you can easily lose focus on what’s important to you.


Clear your mind to make room for more great ideas.