Get those thoughts out of your head! Here’s what’s in my pocket:

Nothing kills productivity more than not having a place to write down that next big project you want to work on. Or that next action that will finally move that stuck project along. How about that book that someone just recommended – where do you put it all?

iphone & notepad

The first step in getting organized is to write down what’s on your mind.  

Do you consistently carry around something to capture a random note, thought or next action on a project you are working on?

Do you sometimes carry a notepad but other times forget it?

I’ve tried and failed many times to have a decent way to write down something when I was on the go. I also like things that can do double duty. I’m also a minimalist and don’t want to carry a bunch of things around in my pockets.

I have 2 primary tools to capture “stuff” with:

  • note2Squarespace Note – To many this app would seem simplistic and not feature rich. But that’s why I love it. When you tap on the app it knows you want to type a note. It opens with the keyboard displayed. You type your note and swipe to send it, which is very handy feature when yout are on the go. I send everything to my Nozbe inbox and process it later. You can also take a picture or use the voice to text feature.





  • david allen note taker walletDavid Allen Notetaker Wallet – Are you using your phone so you can’t use the Squarespace Note app? Have a long list to write or need to do a little sketch. Sometimes I find I need to put pen to paper. This wallet is great. The notepad is big enough to write down a list and yet small enough to keep the bulk down to a minimum. It also has a slot for a pen and comes with a really nice expanding pen. It can also hold enough credit cards and cash that I don’t feel like it’s comprised as a wallet.


You really can do a lot with these 2 tools if you keep them with you. Having a phone and wallet on you at most times during the day isn’t very hard to do.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Braintoss – This is an app similar to the note app mentioned above. I like to the looks of this app and think it might be a contender for the note app Im currently using. I like the layout and that you have large “buttons” when the app opens and can easily pick voice, photo or text. You also send your note with one touch.
  • Space Pen – A compact pen that can be made full sized that can also write practically anywhere. Yup it’s a winner. This pen is very easy to carry around and works really well.
  •  Moleskine Cahier Journal – Pocket – There must  be hindred’s of Moleskine options out there. I find the pocket size to be nice size to carry in your pockets. Big enough for decent note taking yet very portable.
  • Rite in the Rain – These notebooks are waterproof and really tough! Not all pens will write on the paper so you need to be careful which ink you use. Most ballpoint or roller balls styles will work. However, Pencils work fine.


Just remember to keep it simple and portable.

A letter sized notepad is great but your not going to be able to put that in the pocket of your pant – now are you.

There are lot’s of apps that do way more than just allow you to jot down a quick note but that’s the beauty of the aps I mentioned. They are very simple to use and open right to the screen where you input you note.

Get it out of your brain so it can be useful to you later!

You can’t just decide when you are going to have the next breakthrough thought on something. It will happen when you least expect it. Be prepared and capture those thoughts so you can process them later.

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