You can’t buy time! Do it, Delegate it, Defer it or Delete it.

The one thing you can’t get back is time. It slips through your hands as you type that reply to an email from someone that really isn’t important to you. It sneaks away as you try to do it all, but really who can do it all.

You can't buy time

It’s time! Yes it’s time to take control and get some time back.

Do you have a task on your do list that just is sitting there? That nagging task that never goes anywhere.

How full is your email inbox? It’s filled with all useful stuff – right?

This happens to me sometimes. Even after processing my inbox there is that one nagging email hanging out in there.


There is always a task that would be nice to do. That email that you think you should reply to.

Think to yourself for a moment is this task or email really important or so urgent. If it was, it would have been done by now. If it’s not done then maybe it wasn’t so important.

Think of your time when reviewing the above. Are you getting sucked into someone else’s world which is often the case with email.

Is there a task on your to do list that was relevant last week but not so much anymore. Did you simply not get to and now there are more pressing needs.

You need a system that can help you sort through your “stuff”.

So how can you manage these?

Let’s start with the following:

• Email inbox

• To Do List

Let’s use the 4D’s approach:

Do it – Make it a priority and get it done. Sometimes we just push it off because we feel it’s not urgent or we are waiting for some free time to get it down. Here’s a tip you should remember, we really don’t ever have free time. Make the time and get it done if it’s important to you.

Delegate it – Can someone do this task for you? Ask them and then put it on your waiting for list.

Delete it – Yes just delete it and forget about it.

Defer It – If you feel like maybe it would be useful to do someday then you should have a someday maybe list. I keep mine in Evernote.


You are in control of your to do list. Get help by delegating. If a task needs to be removed then do it. If you must save it put it on a Someday Maybe list and review that list often.

The ultimate goal isn’t for you to do more stuff – it’s for you to do more stuff that can move yourself, your business and your relationships to the next level.

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