Plan your day or someone else will.

I start each work day off with a planning session. It doesn’t take long, 5 minutes is all you need. David Allen constantly reminds us that what’s on our minds must be dealt with.

In this 5 minutes planning session I write down what’s on my mind and deal with it. This is when I prioritize the day’s work. 

Stop and pause for a moment! How to do an effective weekly review.

I know you don’t have time. We all have too much to do and the thought of taking an hour to review everything we have to do seems a bit crazy. Unfortunately we praise people who are always busy but ask yourself are they really effective or just busy? I learned about the weekly review from David Allen in his book Getting Things Done.  I did my first weekly review after reading that book and I’ve continued since that day to do them.




It’s hard to break away and stop to reflect on what you are doing and where you are going.