Get organized get Grid Its

Do you carry around a lot of odd sized things? Pens, cables and flash drives to name a few. They can be a real hassle to carry especially if you swap bags on a regular basis. Well I’ve found a great product that can help. It’s called Grid-It and it comes in many different sizes and styles.




Grid It’s take the guesswork out of what you should carry and keeps it organized.

Want to get more stuff done and spend less than $20 to help you do so?

Have a look at Arc Notebooks from Staples. They have a wide variety of notebooks and accessories to allow you to customize it your needs. I used a bunch of notebooks including Moleskin and Ecosystem notebooks. I do love the bound book and the permanence of them. But the simple fact that they are bound makes them very inflexible.

The Arc System relies on discs to hold the paper. The real beauty of this system is in the punch. It’s kind of a half circle with a slot. What’s great is that its very secure but yet the pages are easily removed.


Arc leather_notebooks


You need to capture your ideas and have an organized method in which to do so