Inbox Zero – It’s possible with these tips!

Are you overwhelmed with email but the problem is you need to read it all. You live out of your inbox because it’s the only thing you know. You can change that and get your inbox to zero. Here’s the tips you need to manage your inbox and get it under control.

Concept of businessman and email spam with flying email

If you use your inbox as a to do list you will constantly be wasting mental energy thinking about what tasks you have buried in that inbox.

To Do list vs. Project List – Why most people confuse the two.

“How do I define Projects? Any and all those things that need to get done within the next few weeks or months that require more than one action step to complete. ” David Allen – Getting Thing Done.

For me, most of my tasks are just there to move a “project” along to help bring it to completion.

Project List


Most of the time it’s a project not just a task. 

Use Evernote to create the ultimate GTD Someday/Maybe List!

What is a Someday/Maybe list – Good Question! It’s a list that’s captures anything you might want to do. I also use it for things I may want to buy. You can also use it for places you may want to visit – i.e. when in Rome do this.






I’ve tried a few different methods to capture my someday/maybes. Using the tag system in Evernote has been the most effective system by far for me.