Congratulations you have stumbled onto my personal blog and I hope you can stick around for a while. I post once a week on Friday. My goal is to create an open dialogue that can benefit all of us. I’m an architect and passionate about design, not only building design, but being Productive By Design. My blog will focus on productivity. My concept is you can design your way to being more productive. I’ve learned a lot through the years and have a lot I can share with you. So please jump aboard and let’s see what designs have yet to be explored.

My Story

It was 2004 and my boss came in and said we just landed the biggest job in office history. And I was asked to be the Project Architect. There were thousands of actions to get done before the keys could be turned over to the owner. It was a little overwhelming at the time. To make matters even more complicated this would be the first time I was going to have to be responsible for a team. I knew right away that I was going to need to be highly organized.

At the time I was using a paper based organizer which was modeled after David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. To be honest I didn’t fully understand all his principles, to make it worse I hadn’t even read his book yet. But I knew I was going to need to design a system for myself if I was going to make this project happen. I scoured the internet and read David Allen’s book and designed a productivity system that would work for me. It was still paper based, it was was visually a little messy and required rewriting lot’s of lists but it was very functional. One big lesson it taught me was the importance of using and maintaining a productivity system.

This was my first foray into being Productive By Design.

I’ve continually worked to improve my system since the days of that paper planner. I’m fully digital now which means I’m also fully mobile. My system is still based on David Allen’s principles it’s just a lot neater now since it’s not paper based. Any system can work for you if it’s designed for your needs. The key is to design it.

My Audience

Do you manage and lead a small team of creative’s? Do you have to find the balance between budgets, schedules and creative genius? Do you struggle with delegating? Does your team miss deadlines because you didn’t follow up on delegated tasks? Are meetings productive and do you have clear assignable actions? Is your calendar a mess, do you have more than one? Do you have a structure to your week? Be honest with yourself, does this sound like you. I’ve been there and I can help. Give me a chance to help you be Productive By Design.

My Bio

I’ve been in the field of custom residential architecture for more than twenty years. I’ve been the project architect on over a dozen award winning projects. I’ve designed and overseen millions of dollars of construction.

I’ve been married since 2000; we have 3 boys and many friends. We live on the eastern end of Long Island, New York.

In my free time I love to read and I enjoy the outdoors. I love hiking and backpacking. I also love the water. I swim on a regular basis. I love to fish and be out on the boat. I’ve completed 2 half ironman competitions and have run a full and half marathon.